Brief experience at The Grove TLOS signing and some facts I learned about Chris:

His skin looked dewy and he has freckles that run across all his arms and face [as though he was dusted with cinnamon]

His hair is light and he looked impeccably groomed and well put together. [That shade of blue is so his color]

I always assumed 5’11 was really tall, but he has a petite frame.

He is both thin and toned, which I think gives the illusion that he is somehow more tiny than he really is. Nice shoulders, long arms, and lovely hands.

In person, his bone structure is absolutely amazing! He looked so young, boyish, and really handsome. A little startling, because he looked like a modern version of a mythical fairy prince, in jeans.

He is very sweet. Looked completely comfortable and at ease while greeting fans and signing books [it is now his element]. 

Chris was very welcoming.

He greeted all fans with a nice smile and friendly attitude that was very genuine, which sort of threw me for a loop [because in my mind I never thought he was “the boy next door” type].

When it was my turn to have my book signed his eye contact was unexpected [ I have a thing that when I meet/speak to people I don’t look at their eyes, it’s a little unnerving for me and I never know how to react] So, unfortunately, I never got to look into his “very blue eyes”. 

This initial eye contact then left me feeling a little lost and awkward. I should have mentally prepared myself better around the fact that he would make eye contact first. So when he greeted me with a “Hi" and contact was made, I immediately shifted my eyes to his hands, arms, and neck [which were a creamy pale color and dusted with freckles] I was sort of left feeling unbalanced and didn’t know what to say, which made the meeting feel a little long. But he was a trooper, continued to smile and never faltered, even when I didn’t say anything else, but "Hi" back. He took my letter and said "Thank you" [of course in all of my awkward glory, once he handed my book I stepped away too early from the table] I then had to look over my shoulder to reply back with a "Thank you" of my own. 

I didn’t get to tell him just how amazing/inspiring/breathtaking I think he is. How I had the chance to see SBL at outfest and how much I enjoyed it. That Red Hiding Hood was my favorite TLOS character and how I wanted to know if she and Froggy would find their own Happily Ever After …just so many things. But alas, it was not meant to be this time.

Maybe next time I will be able to have the chance to ask or say something, so that I too can cherish that special moment when I am able to meet his eyes and say “Thank you” wholeheartedly.


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